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6/14/09 – Excited about the event June 14, 2009

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Our event is only 2 weeks away, and I’m getting pretty excited about it.  We’re hiking together in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, and it promises to be a very beautiful day.  I’m trying to get my gear together and make sure everything is ready.

We’re making final plans as a group too – choosing a roommate, making transportation arrangements, etc.  Although I still haven’t been doing any hiking, I’ve added a pretty regular exercise regimen to my routine.  Nothing too exciting – just some yoga and DVDs at home.  That’s on top of walking the dogs.  We just picked up another foster yesterday since the others have been adopted, and he looks like he’ll keep me active.

I’m still pathetically behind on the fundraising, but I won’t lose my determination!  I’m confident that things will work out, even on the fundraising side.  With this Team in Training program, I did definitely get into more than I could handle time-wise.  But once I signed that recommitment form, I had to decide in my head that everything would work out.  I don’t want to stress – I want to enjoy this and raise money to do good!


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