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6/27/09 – The Big Day! July 5, 2009

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Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Last weekend was the hike event, and it was great!  Most of the Team in Training events involve many chapters, and can have hundreds or thousands of participants.  But this one was an experiment in doing a local event – it included only our chapter and wasn’t far from home.  Our chapter’s staff did a great job of planning this, and we had a beautiful hike.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is an amazing sight.  My sister thinks we went there as children, but I don’t recall that at all, so I was seeing it with new eyes.  We hiked about 10 miles, on a part of the trail that sometimes went near the rim for stunning vistas and other times went through the forest.  It was incredibly peaceful.  I enjoy the other exercise I’ve been getting, but nothing calms my mind and reduces my stress quite the way hiking does.  Getting exercise and being immersed in a natural setting simultaneously is so restorative.

I even ate well during the weekend – the chef at the hotel actually understood what vegan means and made me great meals!  I was very impressed.

Now to tackle the fundraising.  Whenever I feel tense about that, I’ll look at these pictures of the hike and chant the Frank Costanza mantra:  “Serenity Now!  Serenity Now!”

[See some more photos by clicking here]


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