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4/25/09 – Migraine again April 25, 2009

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I’m so frustrated.  I work at a college and I’m teaching a course this semester, so right now things are crazy busy.  And when I’m stressed and tired, I start getting migraines.  Friday evening I prepared all my stuff for our Saturday hike.  Then Saturday at 5am I woke up with all the normal signs of migraine, so I had to miss the hike.

This is several weeks in a row without any hiking, and I’m missing it terribly.  There is some chance I could become an “outdoorsy” person!!  I’ve been very environmentally conscious for years now, but I have almost no experience doing things like hiking and camping.  Too bad I’ve missed out on all those years now that I realize how awesome it is!

I think being part of a Team in Training hike automatically signed us up for a backpacking magazine, and I’m so into it.  The articles are about gorgeous places to hike (and do other outdoor activities).  And they have pages and pages of product reviews – I find my mouth watering over the gear! 

We don’t have a family vacation planned for this summer.  Maybe we will do a camping trip instead.  My significant other has quite a bit of camping experience and really enjoys it.

Anyway, I’m frustrated to miss hiking this weekend, and still worrying about the fundraising.  Not a great weekend in the scheme of things.


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