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4/18/09 – Fundraising instead of hiking April 18, 2009

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This weekend I had to be out of town on Friday, and knew I wouldn’t be back in time to hike on Saturday.  I was really sorry to miss another weekend of hiking – it’s my therapy!

But, I turned the loss into an opportunity and worked a fundraising table we had at EMS in Lancaster.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I think most of the people who are serious EMS shoppers were probably outside doing what they do.  That made for slightly slow fundraising, but every dollar counts.

Speaking of every dollar counts, I’m woefully behind schedule in my fundraising.  This is the result of slightly overbooking myself for the semester.  It’s easier to stay on top of the hiking, since it gives me such a positive physical benefit.  I have foolishly put off the fundraising again and again, and now I need to focus on that!

Hey, if you’re reading this, care to make a donation….? (the link is to the right)


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